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We are experienced in replacing:

  • Residential roofs
  • Shingle roofs
  • Gutters
  • Solar panels
  • Roof flashing
  • Roof vents

Over time, rain and UV rays beat down on your roof’s surface and can destroy its protective qualities. When your home requires a roof replacement in Fayetteville, AR, Brown Boys Roofing is here to help! Our award-winning roofing team will remove your roof’s faulty components and install a reliable model that satisfies code requirements and exceeds industry standards.

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What Are the Benefits of a Roof Replacement?

When your home’s roof breaks down, it leaves everything and everyone inside vulnerable to the elements and critters outside. Undergoing a roof replacement keeps your home and family protected. In addition to keeping out unwanted water and animals, seeking a roof replacement for your home can improve your indoor air quality, cutting out moisture-based irritants like mold. 

Our Residential Roof Replacement Services in Fayetteville

Our residential roof replacement services in Fayetteville, AR, start with a professional inspection to take measurements and determine your roofing goals. However, roof replacement services aren’t just about switching out your roof for a new one. There are other components of your roofing system that need attention too, like your gutters, vents, and flashing. Our roofing replacement services address each of its vital components, so it stays as strong as possible.

Shingle Roof Replacement

While shingle roofs are common and cost-effective, after 10 to 30 years you will need a shingle roof replacement. Over time, shingles are susceptible to rain and UV damage and can warp, become loose, or even blow away. During your shingle roof replacement, our expert roofers will properly fit and install new shingles and test your roof for improved performance and efficiency.

Gutter Replacement

Gutters move water off your roof. However, they can become clogged, gather dents, or leak. While gutter replacement isn’t always necessary during your replacement roof installation, gutters typically last around 20 years and can be changed out at the same time. We can help you determine if your home can benefit from gutter replacement during your roof service.

Solar Panel Replacement

Similar to your gutters, solar panels typically last around 25 to 30 years and can be replaced at the same time as your roof. This makes things convenient since your solar panels must come down during a roof replacement service anyway. Our solar panel replacement services are thorough but handled efficiently, so you aren’t without your affordable energy source for long!

Flashing Replacement

Your roof’s flashing seals any gaps in its construction. It protects areas of your roof with extensions like your chimney or lights. Our flashing replacement services in Fayetteville will ensure your roof isn’t left vulnerable to leaks and flood risks at its seams.

Vent Replacement

It’s best to undergo vent replacement at the first sign of problems. After all, your roof’s vents maintain proper airflow and stop moisture from sparking mold growth. Vent prevention also keeps rodents and insects off your roof and out of your home. Our roofing team is skilled in vent replacement and can properly size and fit your ventilation system or clean your existing vents.

Our Local Roof Services in Fayetteville, AR

In addition to our roof replacement services, we can also help you complete your new roof installation or roof repair in Fayetteville, AR, and its surrounding areas. Whether you’re working on a new build or your home experienced a few mishaps but isn’t quite ready for a full replacement, we can help you meet code requirements and maintain efficiency.

Roof Installation in Fayetteville

In addition to our roof replacement services, we can help complete your new roof installation. We’ll help you sort through roofing materials to find a cost-effective solution that is both aesthetically-pleasing and durable against the outdoor elements.

Roof Repair in Fayetteville, AR

Before requiring a roof replacement, your home will likely require a roof repair or two. If your roof becomes warped, leaky, or rusted, we can help you remove its faulty parts and restore its performance. Our roof repair in Fayetteville also helps to improve your indoor air quality. After all, mold and mildew aren’t things you should be breathing in. We’ll target your moisture source!

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When you need a roof replacement near you, look no further than the trusted NWA roofing company Brown Boys Roofing. Our expert team brings friendly customer service, tidy workstations, and the skills and tools to get your job done right! We will bring you the safest and most stylish roofing materials available on the market to revamp your home protection.

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I recently had a wet spot in my ceiling, so I gave Brown Boys a call. They sent a worker to my house the next day who was able to quickly diagnose my issue. He had the leak fixed in under an hour and even waived the service fee! Thanks guys!

Five Star Rating

Zachary Hawkins

Arrived on time. Very professional. Took the time to truly inspect the entirety of the roof. Walked me through everything that was found, offered suggestions went over BBRs easy pricing system. Encouraged me to call with any questions I may have even if I decide to go with another roofing company. Couldn’t have been a better interaction with this company. You can trust them with your roof and your pocketbook. Five stars across the board.

Five Star Rating

Carolyn Fincher

Brown Boys made it easy to get a new roof. I felt like they did everyone their power to not inconvenience us. They did a fantastic job cleaning up after themselves and the roof looks great. Also did a good job communicating during the quote process and scheduling the installation.

Five Star Rating

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