What’s the Scoop on Metal Roofing?

Nope. Today’s metal roofing can look like pretty much anything you want.

Metal shingles can be manufactured to look like other materials like clay, asphalt, slate, cedar shake, stone, and more.

Even traditional metal-sheet roofing is not the shiny, ugly, loud tin roof you remember from Grampa’s barn. It comes in a wide range of colors and styles, with plenty of options for sound deadening and extra insulation.

Why Metal?

Punishing winds, rain, hail storms, snow, debris, impacts, and other trauma that would damage or destroy a shingle or tile roof bounce right off a metal roof.

Metal roofing is also highly resistant to mold, algae, and mildew growth.

Metal is the strongest type of roofing shingle you can get, with enough flexibility to keep its integrity during installation, debris impacts, and temperature changes.

Metal can also be installed above an existing roof. If you add on to a home, you may be able to have a metal roof installed over the entire structure.

But Doesn’t It Cost More?

The short answer is yes; metal roof materials and installation do cost more on the front end.

However, a roof that lasts the entire life of your house saves you money (and worries) in the long term.

Done right, metal roofing can also save on your energy costs. Your tax accountant can even tell you whether you can get a break on your taxes for making the energy-efficient choice of installing a metal roof.

To get an estimate for upgrading to a metal roof, give us a call at 479-248-9100 or contact us online.

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