Roof Leak Repair in Bentonville, AR

You’re sitting on the couch watching a movie as it pours outside, only to feel something hit your head. You look up and a barrage of water comes pouring down on your face. That’s never a pleasant way to learn you have a roof leak.  Some people come home to find their home flooded after a day of heavy rains. They leave for work and the house is fine, only to come home and find part of the house covered in inches of water. They now face days of repairing the damage. 

The easiest way to avoid facing either of these scenarios is to call Brown Boys Roofing for regular roof inspections. However, you may still face a roof leak when a shingle blows off during a major storm or when a branch goes flying and lands on the roof where it does damage.

We handle any roof leak or roof problems in and around Bentonville, so call Brown Boys Roofing right away. 


Why You May Need a Roof Leak Repair in Bentonville?

You may assume you have missing or damaged shingles when you discover your roof leaks in heavy rain. However, many other things can lead to the need for an emergency roof leak repair.  We are often called out to handle a roof leak repair near Bentonville, only to discover the problem is a pipe boot that has failed. Nails may work their way out of the shingles and water will trail down these nails and into the home when it rains. 

Our roofers might find chimney wear and tear is the source of water coming into the home. You may need a roof repair, however, when the gutters are clogged and aren’t directing water away from the roof. Regardless of what the problem is, we can help. 


Types of Roof Repairs We Complete

When you call for roof leak repair near you, chances are you don’t know exactly what you are dealing with. That’s okay. We figure it out for you and complete the repairs once we have your authorization. We handle the following roof repairs regularly for your friends and neighbors:

  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Shingle Roof Repair
  • Roof Flashing Repair
  • Hail Damage Repair
  • Storm Damage Repair
  • Roof Puncture Repair

We offer additional services to ensure your roof does its job. Call us when you need gutter repair and cleaning or your roof vent needs attention. We also help customers with solar panel repair and more. Our goal is to be the only roofing company you call in your time of need, and we offer a range of services designed to help us achieve that goal. 


The Benefits of Roof Repair

You may hesitate to call for roof leak repair in Bentonville, AR because you are worried about the cost of the repair. Having a leak addressed promptly will keep your expenses down, as a roof repair is less costly than water damage cleanup. This is only one benefit of having your roof repaired promptly. 

When you have us repair your roof, your roof will last longer. Mold won’t be a concern. In addition, your home will be more energy efficient. This allows you to save on your energy bills each month. 


Why Choose Us for Your Roof Leak Repair in Bentonville, AR?

We believe cutting corners always causes problems, and a cheap fix will create an expensive leak. Our technicians undergo training to ensure they do the job right the first time.  When you call us, we send someone out quickly to handle your roof leak repair services, as you need peace of mind when it comes to your home. The sooner we fix the leak, the easier it will be to breathe once again. 

Don’t rely on storm chasers who knock on your door following a major storm. They won’t be around once the work is done. If you have problems, you’ll find you must pay another roofer to repair any mistakes made by the storm chasers. 


Contact Brown Boys Roofing for All Your Roofing Services

We are a local NWA roofing company that has been serving residents of the area for over two decades now. We are here for you in your time of need and will be around long after we complete the work. 

Call us today to have your roof inspected and determine if you need roof repairs. We provide an honest assessment of your roof, so you can make informed decisions regarding any work to be done. We want you to have a robust roof over your head and ensure this is what you get. 

Schedule a visit from one of our experienced roof inspectors today.

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I recently had a wet spot in my ceiling, so I gave Brown Boys a call. They sent a worker to my house the next day who was able to quickly diagnose my issue. He had the leak fixed in under an hour and even waived the service fee! Thanks guys!

Five Star Rating

Zachary Hawkins

Arrived on time. Very professional. Took the time to truly inspect the entirety of the roof. Walked me through everything that was found, offered suggestions went over BBRs easy pricing system. Encouraged me to call with any questions I may have even if I decide to go with another roofing company. Couldn’t have been a better interaction with this company. You can trust them with your roof and your pocketbook. Five stars across the board.

Five Star Rating

Carolyn Fincher

Brown Boys made it easy to get a new roof. I felt like they did everyone their power to not inconvenience us. They did a fantastic job cleaning up after themselves and the roof looks great. Also did a good job communicating during the quote process and scheduling the installation.

Five Star Rating

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