Roof Club

For $179 a year, join the club that doesn’t make you wear a tie and always takes good care of you.

Financing options from GreenSky® financing
(subject to credit approval, of course):

  • The Roof Care Advantage: Every year we’ll climb up on your roof and into your attic to ensure that your roof is doing its job right. Plus, we’ll take bird’s eye view photos so you can see for yourself.
  • Skylight Cleaning: A $99 value. While we inspect your roof, we’ll clean your skylights so you don’t have to. Let your light in!
  • Priority Guaranteed Appointment: When you need help, you’ll move to the front of the line, and we’ll be there within 24 hours of your call!
  • Reduced Diagnostics Fee: As a member, you’ll receive an exclusive $19.95 reduced diagnostic fee.
  • 17-Point Roof Checkup & Attic Analysis: A $129 value. The true strength of your roof can’t be seen from the street. We’ll look at things from the inside to ensure your safety, and we’ll inspect the 17 most critical components of your roof.
  • Large Debris Removal: A $79 value: Sticks and large debris on your roof are unsightly and destructive. Don’t climb up there and put yourself at risk! We’ll do it for you (up to 100 sq. feet of roof).
  • Exclusive 10% Repair Discount: If your roof needs help, you’ll receive an exclusive members-only 10% repair discount.

You too can join the club of people who don’t have to worry about their roofs. Just pick the option that works best for your needs and budget:


Easy and Convenient: $14.95 per month

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Join the club of people who don’t have to worry about their roofs.