Got Mystery Roof Problems?

If you have discovered holes in the siding near the roof, overhang, or on the roof vents, but have no idea what’s caused the damage, you are not alone.

Sometimes it’s easy to figure out what caused a hole, such as rotting wood or flying objects during a recent storm. But there are times when holes appear that seem to have no explanation at all. What could be causing holes in your roof or eaves?

Of course, the first thing you should do is call Brown Boys for a roof inspection. And in this case, we’re likely to tell you that you have squirrels in your attic.

No, we’re not saying your roof problems are all in your head. Squirrels can actually be a major issue.

Squirrels think of your house as a giant tree with an amazing hidey-hole inside (a.k.a. your attic). They can find their way into your home through attic vents, adjoining roofs, and soffit vents, but they can also chew their way in wherever there’s wood to chew through. Their teeth are strong and sharp enough to chew through wood, drywall, vinyl, and sometimes even sheet metal. So if you have an unexplained hole that showed up out of the blue, a squirrel is probably to blame.

They can live in walls and chimneys too, or just about anywhere they find that’s warm and safe for nesting. And besides the damage they can cause, they can also bring in fleas, ticks, and the illnesses those pests carry.

Now, you could climb up into your attic and try to chase the squirrels out or place traps. But as professionals, we recommend that you get professional help both evicting the squirrels and repairing your roof.

We also don’t recommend just covering up a squirrel hole, because if there are squirrels that have made your house their home, they are likely to chew their way in (or out) another way, and then you’ll have two holes to fix.

So if you think you have squirrels in your attic, you’re not crazy. Give us a call at 479-248-9100 or contact us.

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