Roof Repair in Bella Vista, AR

We have experience in repairing:

  • Roof leaks
  • Shingle Roofs
  • Punctures
  • Roof flashing
  • Gutters
  • Hail damage
  • Storm damage
  • Residential roofs

When your roof is hit with hail or a shingle springs up and blows away during a storm it’s time for roof repair services to restore its performance and efficiency. At Brown Boys Roofing, our team has seen just about every roofing mishap possible, and we’re prepared with reliable solutions to get your roof back up and running strong! Whether your home has a small leak or has experienced major damage, our roofers can help you keep your home and family dry and safe!

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Benefits of Roof Repair

There are multiple advantages to keeping your home up to date with regular maintenance and roof repair services. When one section of your roof breaks down, it makes the rest of your roof work harder to compensate. Our roof repair services will keep your roof energy efficient and monthly energy costs low. In addition, regular maintenance and roof repair services extend its lifespan, giving you the most out of your investment and avoiding undue early replacements.

Our Residential Roof Repair Services in Bella Vista

Whether your family members were tinkering around on your roof’s surface with DIYs or weather has made your roof endure years of wear, our roof repair services in Bella Vista, AR, can get your system back up and running strong in no time!

Roof Leak Repair

Even small leaks on your roof’s surface can lead to major flooding issues and require roofing repair. Instead of allowing the outdoor elements to turn your living room into an indoor pool, we’ll handle your roof leak repair before it allows more serious issues to develop!

Shingle Roof Repair

Strong storms and foot traffic can cause your roof’s shingles to warp and lift. When that happens, your roof can let in water, critters, or other undesirables! Our shingle roof repair services will correct or replace your damaged shingles and restore your home’s protection. 

Roof Flashing Repair

Next on our list of services for roof repair near Bella Vista, AR is our roof flashing repair. Your roof flashing is responsible for directing water away from your chimney and your roof’s critical walls, vents, and lights. Our roof flashing repair services will ensure your roof’s intricate components and seams are safe, stopping moisture from infiltrating through any gaps.

Roof Gutter Repair

Your roof’s gutters carry water and leaves away from its sloped surface. When your gutters are hit with hail or other weather damage, they can develop holes and stop performing properly. Our roof gutter repair services in Bella Vista will help you patch and correct any gutter leaks.

Hail Damage

Similar to damage that develops in your roof’s gutters, your roof can withstand hail damage on its surface. It’s best to undergo a professional roof inspection after your home undergoes any hail damage, so we can make sure your roof is still safe and working properly.

Roof Vents

Since your roof is constantly coming into contact with water, your roof vents help maintain proper airflow, keeping moisture from settling and attracting insects or causing other issues. We can help you clean or repair your roof vents, so they remain clear, strong, and efficient.

Storm Damage

Along with hail, storm damage like heavy rain, snow, or UV rays can also mean bad news for your roof. When you need a roof repair near you, our expert roofers will show up on time and with the tools necessary to get your roofing project completed correctly.


Whether your significant other stomped a bit too hard on the roof while putting up the Christmas lights or weather damage left punctures in your roof, we can help you correct the issue! While it’s easy to miss punctures, it’s important to look out for them because they can lead to leaks.

Brown Boys Roofing is the Trusted Source For Residential Roof Repair in Bella Vista, AR

Brown Boys Roofing is the NWA roofing company you can count on. When you need a roofer you can rely on to be honest, safe, and fair, look no further than our team! Holding “The Best of Northwest Arkansas” award from 2018-2021, our services provide peace of mind that your home is in safe and capable hands. We look forward to completing your roof services!

Are you looking for a roof repair company near you? Brown Boys Roofing is the best local roofing contractor in Bella Vista! When you require roofing services that don’t cut corners or drive up high costs, we’re the company to get the job done right! Don’t hesitate to call our friendly receptionists today to learn more or to book your services!


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I recently had a wet spot in my ceiling, so I gave Brown Boys a call. They sent a worker to my house the next day who was able to quickly diagnose my issue. He had the leak fixed in under an hour and even waived the service fee! Thanks guys!

Five Star Rating

Zachary Hawkins

Arrived on time. Very professional. Took the time to truly inspect the entirety of the roof. Walked me through everything that was found, offered suggestions went over BBRs easy pricing system. Encouraged me to call with any questions I may have even if I decide to go with another roofing company. Couldn’t have been a better interaction with this company. You can trust them with your roof and your pocketbook. Five stars across the board.

Five Star Rating

Carolyn Fincher

Brown Boys made it easy to get a new roof. I felt like they did everyone their power to not inconvenience us. They did a fantastic job cleaning up after themselves and the roof looks great. Also did a good job communicating during the quote process and scheduling the installation.

Five Star Rating

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